Introduction to LMP2 (Le MansPrototype2)

The "Le MansPrototypes2" class is effectively the premier class of the European Le Mans Series.The chassis and engine are free choice,drivers are professionals or amateurs.

The matrix of classes available in Endurance racing allows teams as well as drivers to progressively move on to higher levels.After an apprenticeship in the monotype LMPC formula competitors can move on to the LMP2 category. This ladder of progression has most notably allowed the Rebellion Racing and Strakka Racing teams to establish their credentials before entering LMP1.

Featuring open or closed cockpit cars, LMP2 is intended only for privateer teams and is independent of manufacturers. This category has similar characteristics to LMP1 (carbon monocoque chassis) while at the same time respecting strict cost criteria: chassis cost is capped at € 362,100; cost of engines is capped at € 78,750.

Finally, eachdriver line up mustbe made up of at least one "Silver"or "Bronze" rated driver.

LMP2 technical specifications:

Minimum weight : 900 kg
Width of rear wing : 1600 mm maxi
Fuel tank capacity : 75 litres
Engine : Max cylinders- Cubic capacity
Normally aspirated petrol : 8- 5000 cm3
Turbo/supercharged petrol : 6- 3200 cm3
Supercharged diesel : By authorisation of Endurance Commission- 2500 cm3
Gearbox : Max 6 gears + reverse
Carbon brake discs max diameter : 15" (380 mm)
Overall length : Max 4650 mm (including rear wing)
Overall width : 2000 max
Wheels and tyres : Max width - 14"/ Max diameter - 28"

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